• Looking Back at 2019

    Looking back is part of looking forward, and 2019 was a year of gifts.

    Duck Lake Books published my chapbook, “Boys.’

    My book, “Waxing the Dents,” was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Prize

    and will be released February 1st, and the kind and supportive Editors of the

    following Journals honored my work by publishing these poems.

    For all of you that shared your wisdom and compassion along the way,

    my warm and loving thanks!!



    Bluestem Magazine: “When the Breathless Throw Down”

    Coachella Review: “Everything Decent”

    Conclave: “Beware Little Pilgrim”

    Phoenix: “In Defense of the Visceral”

    Schuylkill Valley Journal: “The Extravagant Trauma of Travel”

    Duck Lake Journal: “Elegy for a Stalker,” “Tanning on the Way to Cincinnati”

    Aurora Literary Journal: “Scenario Central”

    Faultline: “Dear Resentments”

    Slipstream: “Everyone Collaborates in Everyone’s Forgetting”

    Jenny Magazine: “Emerald Dirt”

    Streetlight Magazine: “Tongues of Men”

    Portland Metrozine: “Anthem” “Bloodstone Song” “Cross Talk,” “Elegy for a Sociopath”

    Manhatanville Review: “Dear Body”

    Timber: “Dear Resurrectionist”

    San Antonio Review: “Neptune’s Son”

    Levee Magazine: “Always Never Enough”

    The Blue Nib Magazine: “Home in the Dirt of Light,” “Dear Silence”

    Impossible Archetype: “1st Corinthians 13:11”

    Tule Review: “Sing Dear Darkness”

    Pangolin Review: “Abandoned Houses

    Cultural Weekly: “Christian Mingle.com”

    South Florida Poetry Journal: “The god I Serve”

    Wilderness House Review: “Heron”

    Chaleur Magazine: “Verbal Dads”

    Nixes Mate Review: “Done Eden”

    Poetry South: “Sometime Surrender”

    January Review: “Wisteria’s Throne,” “Last Adolescent Wedding Anniversary” “Flame Thrower”

    Plainsongs: “Blue Decision”

    The Cape Rock: “Recognizable”

    Artifact Nouveau: “Elegy for a White Supremacist”

    Panoplyzine: “Civilized”

    Shelia-Na-Gig: “Nesting” “Dear Loneliness”

    The American Journal of Poetry: “Anti-Sabbatical”

    Gyroscope Review: “Hear Say”