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  • "Abduction By Ponder" and the OAK HARBOR POETRY PROJECT

    So its clear by my absence of writing here, that blogging isn't as easy or desirable for me to do, but I shall not give up on the challenge. Here's a brief update on what I've been working on and maybe why I haven't had time to blog. Most importantly I have been finishing my first full-length poetry collection, entitled, "Abduction By Ponder." If I stay on track which I plan on doing, I will be sending it out to meet my first deadlines, at the end of March. Completing a book that has been evolving for years, has truly taught me just how much focus, discipline and commitment to craft, revision, and publication are needed to make a diamond from coal. I am so grateful for being an obsessed poet who truly lives, eats, and sleeps the word, poetry. I humbly know nothing more.

    As the book approaches its first submissions I will try to write again, and share more about the process. In the meantime, please try to attend the monthly Oak Harbor Poetry Project Meeting on the third Sunday of each month from 3-4:30 at the Oak Harbor Library. We are really committed to growing a vibrant, connected, blossoming community of poets that will help raise the power of poetry on Whidbey Island.

    You can follow us on our Facebook site at the Oak Harbor Poetry Project.