If you're a little scared by the title, I get it, but, I am not sorry. When I first heard one of my Dharma teachers, Noah Levine, in a youtube video, crash through my brain with one morning, trying to help me REALLY understand the truth about the nature of KARMA, what happended was, what often happens, imagine if you will.

    I'm already sitting in silence, trying to be kind to my body and breath, becoming aware of what's arising and passing through my mind, like my breath coming and going, doing the dance of impermanence. YEA, THE ZEN of it ALL.

    Reality owns me. I don't own it. SOOOOOOO, what are the implications of that? 

    Now, back to the present moment. Here, on the couch, in my boxers and a t-shirt, wrapped in a blanket and the two most adorable puppies in the world, our beloved, Molly and Roscoe. I've been awake for over an hour, drinking coffee, working on a new poem, which is a love letter, called "Dear Buddha" with which I am slightly obsessed with, since it's now in its second week of ongoing daily revision. And as always my eyes making me aware of this stunningly, beautiful, terrifying world, just outside my windows, that I am so honored to live in. BUT, now back to KARMA. Two weeks ago, our dear friends from whom we've rented this farmhouse for the past five years, told us they've decided to sell the place to help with their own financial future. Although shaken to the core by the news, I had to begin imagining not being here, which required days of ongoing comittment to more meditation, exercise and intimate talk with my wife and therapist, 

    and of course ultimatley, and MOST IMPORTANTLY turning to the refuge of poetry.

    "The Extravagant Trauma Of Travel," was born weighing one ounce of deliverance

    and covered in two gallons of tears, with all appendages in tact. It, LITERALLY saved me from some other less human choices, in how I would deal with such shattering change. To learn more about those choices not taken, my poem, "Glass Animal" has been accepted for publication by Ground Fresh Thursday Journal, and will be out in print in October. I hope it's getting a little clearer now, like it is for me. 

    I never owned this vision of BEAUTY. It has always OWNED ME.

    Yes, the angle from which it is seen and heard will inevitably change. Just like

    every moment we're alive, in this monstrous, mysterious, glittering place known

    as the journey of life. Thank you Noah, for helping me, understand the GRAVITY of KARMA. It's happening each moment, whether I accept it or not. And the poem is how

    I say YES, I know. I want to be part of that sane conversation, until the day comes when I can't. And have no regrets to inhale.